"He who wished to secure the good of others, has already secured his own" - Confucius

Nambiattukudy Pappachan, the founder of this great empire neither had inheritance nor education. He had to sustain his family through his headwork. He did lease-farming and trading of agricultural products until he found his vocation in rice milling. He had a great vision of using latest technology and distribution network attached in this business. He made his inroads into less known places with low-land value and converted them into cultivable land. He acquired his second hand rice mill and installed it in the newly acquired land. He had great dreams pinned on to the business but was snatched away by an accident that occurred while his rice mill was being installed.

But his children George & Antony took over from where he had left. Their first modern rice mill, Nambiyattukudy Rice mill that used a locomotive boiler was installed in 1992, a rarity at that point of time. In one and half decade, five more new mills were added. These were: Nambiyattukudy Modern Rice Mill, Nambiyattukudy Agro Industries, Nambiyattukudy Agro Mills, Nambiyattukudy Food & Spices, along with food processing units like Star Foods & Godwin Food products.

One thing that the late Pappachan was particular about was that his workers must be looked after well. He also believed that charity and prosperity are complementary. If you practice the first the later will follow. Nambiattukudy Group donated in cash and kind to orphanages, old homes, for medical assistance to the poor, for sponsoring education, providing matrimonial assistance and also for building houses for the homeless. They patronized every philanthropic activity that their Church conducted. Prompted by their mother, the brothers thought on an institution that shall commemorate the memory of their late father. This resulted in forming a Charitable Trust, viz., Nambiyattukudy Pappachan Memorial Public Charitable Trust registered in October 2003, with a corpus fund provided by Mrs. Aliya Pappachan, their mother. Ever since the formation of the Trust most of the charitable & philanthropical services of the family are routed through the Trust. The audited accounts of the Trust show that till 31-3-2007, Rs. 320,723 have been spent on charitable activities.

  1. By Matrimonial assistance to wedding of poor brides:             Rs.42000
  2. By Educational assistance to poor students…                            Rs.28575
  3. By Medical treatment assistance to poor patients                    Rs.18235
  4. Philanthropical assistance like drinking water supply
    Hospital renovation, School uniform etc.,                                 Rs.181740
  5. Other assistance through religious institutions                        Rs. 47372


Donations in kind         

At the cluster level, the Kalady Rice Millers Consortium (Pvt) Ltd. is another initiative running under the Chairmanship of Mr. N P Antony. The facility at the KRMC provides free English classes to the local population and training in various skill development programmes. These courses ultimately benefit those who are economically backward by helping the participants of the course to secure good jobs both within and outside the country.

The entrepreneurial leadership has to be go hand in hand with Entrepreneurship Social Responsibility. These are achievements that should inspire the younger generation of entrepreneurs and are worth emulating in their own realms of work. Entrepreneurs should move out of their small confines of socio-political and religious circles and grow a universal perspective in doing charitable activities.


Our Network


Nambiattukudy Group markets its products under the brand name Pavizham and the activities are spear headed by two able leaders Mr. N P George and Mr. N P Antony. Through traditional expertise, use of new technology and efficient marketing the brand is today the numero uno in the market. Pavizham possesses the largest production capacity and distribution network in Kerala to reach out to people. In Kerala the product is leading in all major cities like Thruvandapuram, Kollam, Pathanamthitta, Alleppey, Kottayam, Idukki, Ernakulam and Kozhikode. The brand also has significant sales turnover in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The major sellers in all other districts of Kerala source rice from the Nambiattukudy Group as we provide superior quality. The group is set to further focus on improving the quality of rice and rice products with the use of new technology that helps preserve its nutrients. It’s quality that the customers look forward to, even if they have to spend a little more. This is what inspires us in doing value additions. In our ambitious journey forward we are looking for dealers who are ethical, professional and result oriented, who can team up with us in building the Pavizham brand.

We invite Rice Dealers from various parts of Kerala and abroad to be part of this winning network. If you are interested in becoming a dealer for the Pavizham brand you can get in touch with the Marketing Division. The great opportunity to distribute and sell the finest rice and rice products is open to all.